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Today Date : 18-10-2017

हिंदी संस्करण


Tender Approve Comprative Chart 2017-18

S.N. Title Action
1 Hair Cutting Download
2 Daily use items Download
3 Washing Download
4 Electric Items Download
5 Games and Sports Download
6 Milk Download
7 Ration Download
8 Sabji & Fruits Download
9 Stationary Download
10 Uniforms& Bedding items Download
11 Uniform silai Download



Tender Approve Rates-2017-18

S.No. Title Action
01. Rate List Daily Use Item Download
02. Rate List Elec. Item Download
03. Rate List Ration Download
04. Rate List Sabji and fru. Download
05. Rate List Sports Download
06. Rate List Stationary Download


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